Quest X5

Original price was: ₨ 90,000.Current price is: ₨ 75,000.

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Quest X5 Detector

California USA Quest X5 High quilaty Afortable Price X5 Gold metal detector for everyone with Blade TurboD Double D Waterproof Coil 970gram Super Lightweight Weatherproof Control Box Large Target ID USB Rechargeable Battery The extreme intuitive operation Menu enables you jump into it with no learning curve, New X5 Quest Metal detector Availble in AMD Pakistan.

The Quest X5 metal detector perfect entry level X5 detector for the whole family. The Quest X5 has all the specifications that are important for a beginner, such as pinpoint function, conductance display in numbers, ground leveling, coil lighting, built-in rechargeable battery, and weighs only 950 grams. State of the art, innovative Quest X5 metal detectors for the whole family!


  • Intuitive Menu
  • Fast Recovery
  • Feather weight
  • Fits both hands
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Weatherproof Console

Quest X5 Intuitive Interface & Control

Best in the Class control box design with easy to use Menu Quest X5


The modern design is splashproof. With your X5, you can easily search in any weather. You don’t need an extra screen protector in heavy rain. This is a big advantage considering that many displays of other detectors are not rainproof. This light 9 x 5 “TurboD search coil is completely waterproof, which means that you can search with the X5 even with the entire length of the rod. However, the display is not waterproof and therefore not submersible.

FloatResin chemical technology is specially designed for metal detector coils filling to make it lightweight thus rugged to last long.

TurboD coils are combined with two kidney shape coils to provide deeper penetration and higher mineralization resistance.

The X5 has important functions including iron discrimination, conductance ID and also an exact pinpointing function to facilitate the excavation of the object, The innovative and simple solution enables you and your Friend to share Quest X5. Just simply take off the middle rod and it is a perfect detector for your Family and Friends.


Quest X series Gold metal detectors provide best weight ratio design in the industry. The original T style handle and shaft provide you the best detecting experience, Quest X5 is a very user-friendly and easy-to-use metal detector, which makes it an ideal device for young and old, experienced and inexperienced.The Ultimate Treasure Hunter with Quest Metal Detectors. Discover hidden treasures and make your dreams a reality. Our high-performance metal detectors with modern technology are the perfect guide to help you become the hero of your own story. Start your treasure hunting journey today.



Easy to access 3.5mm audio jack is just hide under the protection cap.

The control box features a flashlight and waterproof loud speaker.


Get rid of expensive and non-environment friendly commercial batteries. We are the first one to introduce USB rechargeable battery into metal detectors, Type-C Rechargeable port You can give your detector a refreshing charge by wall USB standard charger or by Power bank, solar pad when outdoor.



Detection Platform CVX Compact VLF
LCD Display LCD w/ orange backlight for Low Light Condition Display Size 3” LCD 60x45mm
Coil Waterproof TurboD Blade 9×5”
Battery Type-C Rechargeable port, Li-Po 1000 mAh Capacity 1-Day Battery Life
Recharge method Micro USB port
Audio output Built-in buzzer or 3.5mm wire earphone jack
Protection Whole 3-Meters Weatherproof standard & Rainproof
Gauge Battery level, Audio level, Target ID, TID bars, Depth, Sensitivity level, Detection modes & etc
Search modes Park Field and Gold
Telescopic Road 4 Sections Aluminum Round Non Rotational Telescopic Rod  from 46CM to 130CM (18″ ~51″ inch)
Working Method Frequency 12kHz VLF (Very Low Frequency)
Target ID range Target id from 0 to 99 5 Segments
Armrest U shape Robust Material, No tool Required Adustment Design
Unit Weight 1.1Kg x5 w/ Blade 9 coil
Portability Patented Flat folding Design for Minimum Stroage size 57x31x11cm
Ground balance Automatic Ground Balance Pump & manually selecting option avilable
Shortcut Functions Pinpoint, Auto ground balance, Volume & Flashlight