Token Display


Chip Price 99-Call


Token Display System

Guaranteed lowest price AMD” 2-Digit display 99-channels with Ring bell sound and 3-buttons push button controller and Seven segment display digital Q matic easy to operate Queue management system now in Pakistan.


The AMD” Queuing System is a system that is useful in businesses attending customers to be served. It helps in maintaining order and discipline in the office by calling its clients one at a time. Very simple to use token Display System for Hospitals, Hotels, Clinics, Restaurants, shops, marts, cafes, and other different places to organize the consumers and to ignore the crowded environment at the counter/ reception.


  • Low cost
  • Easy operations
  • Character color red
  • Save time and money
  • Seven segment digital display
  • Calling numbers 1 to 99 display suport 
  • Token Display System With Ring Ding-Dong Bell Sound


  1. Working voltage 110V~240V
  2. Can install on the wall and desk
  3. With high strength ABS plastic shell
  4. Seven segment display long life times
  5. Calling button, Clear button and Recall button
  6. Callig Buton Keypad Show current calling number
  7. Wire connection between the main display and call buton

Package Include:

  1. 1 x Digital display calling system
  2. 1 x Calling 3-buttons keypad
  3. 1 x Data cable 15-fit size