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Wireless Queue Management System supports hdmi tv led lcd plasmaTV screen show It supports Audio video and pictures slideshow customized, and several keypad transmitters work at the same time.

This is our new arrival for Bank, Restaurants, clinic, hospital, food court, Warehouse and so on.When press, the customers will see the number on the screen. Wireless keypad Support 1 to 9999 transmitters calling at the same time.

This system is made by AMD we made market research to make it. This system supports audio video & Pic ads display. support many interfaces: external speakers, wireless network, projector, crt tv, led tv, lcd tv and plasma tv and so on. The wireless signal distance is about open space 100m and indoor 50m, can use the antenna to extand the distance.

Are you experiencing these problems ?
  • losing customers
  • Inefficient staff service
  • Expensive to hire more staff
  • Need to maintain social distance
  • Impatientcustomers waiting for meals
Why Choose Us ?
  • Wireless transmission
  • Customizable interface
  • Built-in custom interface
  • Playable promotional video
  • Clearly announce the number
  • Customized personalized voice
  • increasing customer stickiness
  • No wiring, wireless transmission
  • Support external audio video and pictures
  • support for switching various display interfaces
  • No longer worry about customers can not hear the reminder
  • Built-in various voices to meet your needs and support customization
  • Customers can learn about the services through Picture slide show while waiting for Queue tv systems.


  1. HD Display
  2. Signal stability
  3. Android system
  4. Multi calling mode
  5. Calling number speake
  6. Features of your choice
  7. Fast installation Process
  8. Turn on the power of the caller
  9. Easy to operate, one button call
  10. Interface customization settings
  11. Support different transmitters call in
  12. Touch keypad sensitive & comfortable
  13. Support two kinds of function switching
  14. Turn on the power of TV and set-top box in order
  15. Plug the signal receiver into the set-top box USB
  16. Support 9999 transmitters calling at the same time
  17. Free to design various styles to suit various scenarios
  18. Connect the HDMI cable to the TV and the set-top box
  19. Support external U disk, support video and pictures ad
  20. FM technology, stronger signal, anti-jamming, more stable
  21. Support custom voice call content, suitable for various places


  • Hospital and Clinic
  • School & Colleges
  • Inquiry Counters
  • Customer Care
  • Restaurents
  • Food court
  • franchise
  • Banks.
  • Etc…


( Tv not included this package prices )

This smart system all tvs screen size supported.

Package include:

1 * Wireless Signal Receiver USB with antenna

1 * Wireless Keypad transmitter with Adapter

1 * TV Setup Smart box with bilten Software

1 * Box Remote and Adapter, Hdmi cable

This is standard accessories