Wireless intercom

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Audio Intephone


Intercom Wireless System

The longest working distance Wireless intercom, so you don’t need to worry about the signal problem. And it is true wireless, no need Wires, WiFi, SIM card or Network.

Two- way audio intercom wireless system can support max.100 pcs handset. The interphone with digital numbers, call button and indicate lights to tell you if the operatation is correct. Wireless intercom the big advantage is call for free, no need phone card, no need network, no need extra wires, and very simple operation.

4-Gernation High quality best product It has numeric number buttons for pairing, setting room numbers and setting ringtones. It is so easy to operate that the user can click on the number he wants to dial and then simply click on the call button and wait for the other number he dialed to answer and talk. There is an indicator light on the audio wireless intercom to remind you whether the operation is correct or not. It is loaded with batteries and ready to use, so you don’t have to worry about power outages and not being able to use it.


  1. Save Time and money
  2. Hang on wall or put on table
  3. Zero block sound transmission
  4. 100 Users in one system suport
  5. Wireless, not need wire connection
  6. Call with no cost not need phone card
  7. 58 ringtones and adjustable ring volume
  8. Not need network using Free frequency work
  9. 45-days long standby time, only need 5 hours for full charge

Working distance:

  • Floor transmission distance 1 to 8 floors Upto
  • Transverse distance through the wall 300 meters Upto
  • 1000 meters long intercom distance in open area without any obstacle


Part No. 80103N
Battery DC 5V/3.7 18650 Battery
Working current 400mA
Standby current 800uA
Charging current 230mA
Working time 24 hours
Standby time 7 days
Fully charging time 5 hours
Wireless intercom range 1KM in open area without any obstacle


This product mostly usage in Apartments, offices, Factory, Companies, industries, super Stores, high rise buildings, villas, hotels, College, Home & Banks etc. Point to point call or Multi chanel calling wireless intercom system. convenient customer visiting, and strengthening the safety, in the security base for your domestic outfit of a person of extraordinary powers curtilage.


  1. intercom: 1
  2. Battery: 1 piece
  3. User manual: 1 piece
  4. Charger  & charging cable: 1 piece

Note: there must be 2 pieces and more than 2 piece that the system can work.