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Queue Management System Qmatic

Wireless HD large lcd Queue number digital display with announcement of token no and Wireless keyboard calling button calling transmitter can send 1 ~ 999 no.

Qmatic 999 Queue number wireless display work with the wireless keypad So it is widely used in fast food restaurant, food court, bank, clinic, church, cafe, hospital, bar and auto shop or other queue occasions to improve work. Wireless Speak Sound Call Number System HD Large Display LCD Paging Queuing System and Wireless keyboard transmitter Wholesale and Retail Provider company AMD in Pakistan With over 5000+ Provied and counting, Qmatic is the most comprehensive and trusted queue management solution Provider.

Save Time & Money Fourth generation wireless technology Queue management system: No Wirings required, No Installation required, No Maintenance required, No Need pc or laptop required, New wireless Plug and Play devices High performance It adopts the latest radio frequency technology and digital recognition technology, making the models stable and non-interfering. At the same time, it guarantees a highly sensitive response speed for efficient number calling.


  • User Friendly
  • save time & money
  • No wirings required
  • No installation required
  • No maintenance required
  • Large display with announcement of token no

Wireless calling receiver display:

The Large display HD wireless calling system with voice no has millions of different code which can be paired easily and freely. The receiver host adopts RF wireless and learning code technology. It can easily pair up to 999 channels of wireless calling transmitters. The receiver host uses advanced industrial micro processor and high-sensitivity superheterodyne receiving technology which make the products very stable. At same time, the wireless calling receiver host has advanced number speaker function, it can clearly read the number, function, room number and so on and compatibly for different working mode, suitable for different places.


  1. Adjustable volume
  2. Super error correction
  3. High receive sensitivity
  4. prompt voice selectable
  5. LED tube display, easy to read
  6. Address data only avoiding repeat
  7. Memory 20 calling records history
  8. Restore the factory default function
  9. Independent storage avoiding data lost
  10. Adopt the latest industrial stable chipset.
  11. Menu settings voice prompt, easy to set
  12. Beautiful designing and portable to move
  13. Calling records display can be fixed or cycle
  14. Calling records cycle display time is adjustable
  15. Multiple working mode optional for different places
  16. Calling number speaker and time whole point speaker
  17. Self testing technology makes it working well every time

Wireless keyboard calling button:

The wireless calling transmitter can send 999 different signals by combination from digit 0 ~9. It adopts the latest RF technology and digital identification technology, which makes the products stable and high performance, as well make the system very easy to know which one is in need of service.

Product description

  • Indication Red LED light
  • Display LCD Monochrome
  • combination of the numbers 0-9 submitting 1 to 999
  • The wireless keyboard call transmitter can be 999 different signals

Wireless Queue Applications:

  • Hospital and Clinic
  • School, Colleges
  • Inquiry Counters
  • Customer Care
  • Restaurents
  • Food court
  • franchise
  • Banks. Etc…

WIRELESS LED Display Queue Call System With keypad is widely used in service area of hospital, Clinic, Customet care, restaurant, hotel, cafe, complaint center, and so on. It consist of Transmitter Keypad for counter and Screen or customers use. Customer give order to counter; Counter take order and give customer a Q number. Customer wait somewhere for order.

Package Includes:

  1. 1 x Wireless Keypad transmitter
  2. 1 x Keypad Power adaptor
  3. 1 x Wireless LCD Diplay
  4. 1 x LCD Power adaptor
  5. 1 x English Manual