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Wireless Display with Keypad Pakage

Queue Number Display with Text Message Slide

Plug & Play This queue wireless number display system with wireless keypad is No wiring, No installation, No maintenance, No need pc or laptop required Use digital code technology and the function is steady and reliableIt is a fast response, no delay, can save you a lot of time and trouble, large display wireless queue management systems.

The wireless calling large size display and wireless keyboard. It adopts the latest RF technology and digital identification technology, which makes the products stable and high performance, as well as make the system very easy to know which one is in need of service. Suitable Wireless calling system is widely Used in Store, Bank, Factory, Warehouse, Shopping Mall, Recreation Center, Restaurant, Cafes, Food Court, Clinic, School, Test Center, Hospital, Fast Food, Shop, Shopping Mall, Kitchen Call, Super Markets, Cafe, Parking, Banks, Factories, Service Centers, Nursing Home, etc. to heighten the work efficiency greatly.

HOW TO WORK: You only need to give the client a queue number, when it is the turn, press the keyboard number, the screen receiver will display and speaker will voice broadcast, then the client goes to the service place. You can call multiple display receivers with 1 keyboard, or 1 display receiver with multiple keyboards or multiple display at the same time supports. Plug-&-Play This wireless Queue take a number display system is no wiring and installation setup fees, loud and adjustable volume, a durable metal case, also support connection to external speakers (jack), which can enlarge the broadcast; no need to worry about that customers cannot hear the page sound.

Multi-to-One Configuration Possible :
  1. Add LED Display for Multi LED Display to 1 keypad support.
  2. Add Number Keypad for Multi Keypad to 1 LED Display support.
  3. Multi Display & Multi Keypad Add for Multi Display & Multi Keypad support.


  1. Easy to use
  2. Plug and play
  3. Reduce staff cost
  4. Save time & money
  5. High receive sensitivity
  6. Improves work efficiency
  7. Large size display easy to read
  8. Announcement of ticket number
  9. Long life high quality imported product
  10. Affordable package price Keypad and Display
  11. Hhigh strength aluminum alloy shell,durable in use
  12. No wirings, No installation, No maintenance required
  13. Queue numbers English voice prompt and Dingdong ring


    • User Friendly
    • Easy Installation
    • Super error correction
    • High receive sensitivity
    • Address data only avoiding repeat
    • Dot matrix led display, easy to read
    • Beautiful designing and easy to fitting
    • Menu settings voice prompt, easy to set
    • Queue Calling number voice broadcast speaker
    • Multiple working mode optional for different places
    • Self testing technology makes it working well every time
    • Improve service level fast and reliable wireless calling system
    Save Time & Money Queue management system Fourth generation wireless technology

    ♥ No wirings required  No installation required  No maintenance required ♥ No need pc or laptop required, New wireless plug & play devices High performance It adopts the latest radio frequency technology and digital recognition technology, making the models stable and non-interfering. At the same time, it guarantees a highly sensitive response speed for efficient number calling.

    Transmitter: Wireless Keyboard

    The wireless transmitter keyboard can send 999 different signals by combination for digit 0-9. improve the working efficiency to a great extent and avoid the waiting of the client in the long queue. Built-in antenna spreads the work distance, press the keypad to call the number, the host will display and clear readout the number, that’s greatly improve the efficiency of the customer service. So it is widely used in fast food restaurant, food court, bank, clinic, offices, cafe, hospital, bank and auto shop or other queue occasions to improve work efficiency.

    • Indication Red LED light
    • Brigh LED callin number display
    • High quality plastic number key, long time for use
    • Learning code Working chip, Built-in antenna Strong signal,
    • Non-drop oil material, easy to clean, can suit working place well
    • Pair with Display receiver, then eay to opperate, there are 3 function key
    Receiver: Wireless calling Display

    The enlarged LED screen provides a more intuitive display of the current call number and Text messages. Coupled with the voice announcement, you can clearly and accurately let your customers know where they are in the queue. Multiple Mounting Options It can be free-standing on a countertop, hung from the roof with wire, or fixed to a wall with steel nails, providing a variety of mounting options for your convenience. Large volume It is equipped with best speaker for a loud and clear sound. It also supports any external audio with a  jack, making it possible for customers to hear their numbers from any corner of the shop. Its adjustable volume can meet various needs.

    • This Display text messages suport
    • Show multi digit Q-numbers and text
    • Announcement of queue token numbers
    • High strength hard alloy shell, durable in use
    • English voice queue number with dingdong alert
    • No wirings, No installation, No maintenance required
    • Minimize crowds in waiting line Improves work efficiency
    • Improve service level fast and reliable wireless calling system
    • Use digital code technology and the function is steady and reliable
    This Prices Package Included:
    1. 1 x Wireless Keypad
    2. 1 x  USB Power adaptor for Keypad
    3. 1 x Large Wireless Number LED Display
    4. 1 x  USB Power adaptor for Display Screen