AR 924

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Smart Sensor


AR-924 Digital Scanner

Smart Sensor AR924 Underground Intelligent Treasure Detector With 1.5 Meters Detection Depth, Ground Balance/Discrimination Detection Mode Designed to find gold & silver jewelry, coins and other metal in the ground, and can also find land mines With Rechargeable Battery.

This professional metal underground detector is a useful tool to find gold & silver jewelry, coins and other metal in the ground. It is widely used in detecting gold, silver, aluminum, copper, iron, and rare metals, ground minerals body search for offensive weapons in crowd control, airport and border security, checking parcels for metal objects and anywhere that hidden metal needs to be detected. 

The latest electronic technology of this product, which is equipped with a ground balance circuit, and its ground balance mode can eliminate all “mineralization reactions” to the detection. The recognition mode can distinguish the non-ferrous metal ferrous metals detected. The depth and accuracy of effective detection are improved, with the features of large depth of detection, accurate positioning, high resolution, and simple and convenient operation. In order to maximize the use of all the features of this product.


  1. LED luminous function
  2. Low battery indicator
  3. Speaker sound prompt
  4. Automatic adjustment function
  5. Manual adjustment to eliminate mineralization
  6. Underground metal and metal mineral exploration
  7. Nonferrous metals and ferrous metal identification
  8. Metal Detection and Metal Recognition Conversion
  9. Induction coil short-term automatic alarm automatic alarm when the connection cable is loose.


  • The maximum detection depth: 1.5 meters 50 cm x 50 cm x 1.2 cm aluminum plate
  •  Detection method: ground balance detection/identification detection
  • Main vibration frequency: 4.19MHZ
  • Power supply: DC 3.7V rechargeable
  •  Signal frequency: 7.1KHZ
  •  Static current: 40 mA
  • Low electricity: 7.2V

Smart sensor an Underground Metal Detector is an electronic instrument which detects the presence of metal nearby. Underground metal detectors are useful for finding metal inclusions hidden within objects, or metal objects buried underground. They often consist of a sensor probe which can be swept over the ground. Usually the device gives some indication of distance; the closer the metal is, the higher the readings go.

The scope of application:

  • Archeology, prospecting
  • Check emails, metal items in bags
  • Check underground pipes and cables
  • Detection of metal impurities in raw materials, fuels, and foods
  • Underground search military applications and Criminal investigation
  • Discovering buried gold and silver treasures and metal minerals scrap metal acquisition Etc…

Packing Contents: 

  1. 1 * Metal Detector Main Unit AR-924
  2. 1 * Extension Aluminum Tube
  3. 1 * Connecting Rod
  4.  1 * Installation Tool
  5.  1 * Upper Stem
  6. 1 X Search coil
  7. 1 * AC Adaptor
  8. 1 * Manual