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Professional Underground Detector

Digital Underground Metal Detector  treasure finder Gold Silver Bronze Digger upgraded High Performance MD-6250 Treasure Detector Machine.


This MD-6250 underground metal detector, the upgraded  new Version is a kind of professional detecting equipment. It is easy to carry and operate. It can scan the metal objects easily and quickly, which can help professionals a lot when they do the research. And it is won’t make mistake and fake alert. The MD-6250 is designed with exclusive Graphic Target ID technology to distinct the metal objects. It can select the type of metals in gold, silver, iron and so on. 

Features :
  1. Headphone Jack
  2. Clear Speaker Tone
  3. Coin Depth Indicator
  4. Touch-n-Go Operation
  5. Push Button Controls
  6. Electronic Pinpointing
  7. Battery Condition Indicator
  8. Microprocessor Controlled
  9. Large Advanced LCD Display
  10. Sensitivity, Depth Adjustment
  11. Tone ID, 3 levels with Coin Alert
  12. Discrimination: Accept/Reject Notch
  13. Graphic Target ID Cursor (12 Segments)
Search Modes :
  •   All Metal
  •   Jewelry
  •   Custom
  •  Relics
  • Coins
Specifications :

  Weight: 2.7 Ibs.


Length: 42”to 51”-Adjustable

Searchcoil :

The MD-6250 comes with the Rhino Tough 6.5”×9” High Proformance interchangeable Search coil more deep all target easily detected.

Settings :
  • Pinpoint
  • Sensitivity/Depth
  • Mode, 5 Distinct Discrimination Patterns
  • Full Range, Multi Notch Discrimination Modes
Package included :

1 x English User Manual

1 x MD-6250 Undeground Metal Detector

1 x Full Accessories Set As Following Pictures Show