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Gold Finder


Professional GFX 7000 Metal Detector

Worldwide Best High Quality Depth Search Gold Metal Detector Finder Machine with Eight Digital conversion Frequency Change Using the Most Advanced Technology MPS.

GFX-7000 is a high performance metal detector, the sensitivity and stability of GFX7000 enjoy the highest level among this type products. In addition, The most prominent characteristics is that the type of metal can be identified, allowing you to easily find the available metal objects, which is the functions that other similar products are not available. You can go to more places to start treasure-hunting activities, search for coins, jewelry, gold and silver. 

The Ground Search series Model GFX 7000  Advanced Metal Detector is a top quality metal detector and the most sensitive of all the Gold Centurydetectors. The advanced features of this unit will allow youto findtreasure that others have missed! This model is intended for the experienced treasure hunter who demand high performance and extreme sensitivity.

The GFX 7000  is a high quality electronic instrument .It is a high precision instrument incorporating Multi-period sensing (MPS).Dual Voltage Technology (DVT).This ensures an accurate Ground Balance to provide maximum sensitivity and depth in all ground types. Smart Electronic Timing Alignment (SETA) and the latest in high tech analogue components combined with advance digital processing.

Technical Parameters :
  • Technology: MPS, DVT&SETA
  • Sensitivity Adjust: Rx Gain 1 to 20.
  • Weight: 2.4kg (5.3lbs) including 11″
  • Length: 1100mm(43.3″)to 1300mm (51.2″)
  • Headphones Supplied: Famous brand headphones.
  • Tune / Noise Cancel: Automatic & Manual 0 to 255
  • Audio Output: 6.35mm(1/4″)headphone/speaker jack
  • Visual Display: 64 x 128 pixels, transflective with backlight
  • Frequency/Transmission: Bi-Level, Advanced Pulse Induction
  • Battery: Lithium-ion rechargeable battery 68Wh. Approx. 8-12 Hours use 
Main feature :
  1. Fit for kinds of soil
  2. LCD display for metal type message under discrimination mode.
  3. Apart from the LCD screen panel, it can be recognized the metal type through the tune
  4. Improved new electronics, make machine have stronger penetration and depth advantage
  5. With headphone, so others persons won’t listen to sound except detector when detect metals.
  6. Equipped with big capacity Li-ion battery, low battery indication, so it can work long time continously.
  7. Adopting international advanced technology, make GFX7000 can find more gold than any other metal detectors.
  8. Better stability, less fault alarm, so can precise detect metals underground. It is most popular gold detector.
  9. With 11 inch super high detecting coil, it can improve the detecting sensitivity, double design on the detecting coil, it’s very suitable to horizontal pushing operation on the desert.


Gold detecting is a fascinating and rewarding activity enjoyed by people all over the world .By getting   to know your detector you can become one of the many who find gold and valuable treasure on a regular basis.

Recommended Uses :
  • Gold hunting
  • Coin hunting
  • Beach hunting
  • Relic Hunting
  • Jewelry hunting
  • Gold Prospecting
  • Treasure Hunting
  • Depth search underground