Wireless intercom

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Wireless interphone


Wireless Interphone

4 Gernation High quality product Digital HD Audio 2.4Ghz Interphone System Long distance wireless technology 0/99 Channel call another intercom devices.

High clear Digital audio voice quilaty 2.4Ghz wireless interphone open are 1Km radius and city area more then half km radius communication range depend line of side and area environment.

This intercom work without any base station, router, repeater, antenna or wireng not required, Free ISM public WiFi frequency transmission wifi to wireless call another intercoms, No wiring and installation required maintenance free wireless communication save money and times.


  1. Save money and time
  2. Hang on wall or put on table
  3. High fidelity audio technology
  4. Zero block sound transmission
  5. No wiring No installation required
  6. Lithium Battery big backup capacity
  7. More then 1000 meters in open field
  8. Maximum operating current 400 mA,
  9. one system supports 100 pcs 0 ~ 99


  • Lithium battery long backup
  • Ringtones select 38 ringtone
  • Volume 3 levels up and down
  • Professional high quality wireless
  • Easy pairing 100 handssets extendable
  • Panel with 0 to 9 number Calling buttons
  • AC 110/220V battery power supply Charger
  • Power indicator ligh and operating Led lights
  • With coding, Giving code, ID setting functions
  • AFH technology, super anti-jamming capability


This product mostly usage in Apartments, offices, Factory, Companies, industries, super Stores, high rise buildings, villas, hotels, College, Home & Banks etc. Point to point call or Multi chanel calling wireless intercom system. convenient customer visiting, and strengthening the safety, in the security base for your domestic outfit of a person of extraordinary powers curtilage.


  1. 01-Wireless intercom
  2. 01-AC USB charger
  3. 01-USB cable
  4. 01-Manual