V5 Mirror

Original price was: ₨ 26,000.Current price is: ₨ 19,999.

Security Checking


V5 Under Vehicle Search Mirror 

Vehicle Search Mirror V-5 Security Checking inspection Mirror.

This check-mirror is an ideal tool, which is applicable to check cars, machinery, warehouses, schools, factories and others difficult to see directly. It can be used for airport security, parking inspection, the military regional inspection, and personal checks, such as private cars. We have supplied some corresponding products for regional Games, important meetings, local police, top hotels and large-scale factories.

This product is the latest scientific and technological achievements.The rod is made of Aluminum alloy, which has some characteristic such as Silver white appearance, light weight, and high intensity. Product is suitable for police or security services to carry out the hidden-check, and to operate for a long time. Check-mirror can best retched, which greatly enhanced the applicability in varieties of environments. If necessary, the rod can be stretched quickly to have a check, and operator does not bend over.

Feature and Application :
  • Economical
  • Easy to push
  • Easy to carry
  • Simple and clear
  • With three wheel to rotation
  • It is a very practical security tools
  • Especially Used for check under car desk stool etc
  • The rod can used in different space and rotation to different angle.

The mirror is made of non-friable acrylic instead of ordinary glass plated mercury. The mirror tray is made of the special materials, which are not easy to aging and broken, and very durable. Products are equipped with adjustable hand-held rod. The range of rod length is from 46cm to 88cm. The unique folding design brings about space-saving and portability.

Product Parameters :
  1. Net Weight: 1.75kg
  2. Gross Weight: 5.2kg
  3. Package Size: 61*39*18cm
  4. Connecting Rod Length:88cm
  5. Power:DC12V rechargeable battery
  6. Mirror Size:diameter 30cm convex mirror
  7. Supplementary lighting: super power LED white light