Quest V80

Original price was: ₨ 295,000.Current price is: ₨ 275,000.

HYPERQ Technology


Quest V80 Gold Detector

Made in United State America Quest New Hyper-Q Technology “Max-Pixels “Max-Sensitivity “Max-Frequencies and Gorilla Tough Blizzard double-D Coil Fully Loaded Super 3D Telescopic Fully Waterproof V80 Metal detector available in AMD-Pakistan.

QUEST V80 New Detector Introducing the latest innovation from QUEST  The Quest V80 detector. This highly anticipated device combines advanced technology to effortlessly and accurately locate hidden targets in the ground with incredible ease and speed!

  • Up to 80Khz HYPERQ multi frequency
  • Flat-foldable telescopic shaft system
  • Gorilla Tough Blizzard series coil
  • Fast automatic noise canceling
  • Haptic feedback vibration
  • 400 x 240 pixels display
  • Embodied gyro sensor
  • Waterproof ability



Transmit multi essential frequencies ranging from 7 to 80kHz to the ground, simultaneously.

Higher detection frequency

The HYPERQ platform is able to deliver multiple frequencies, including signals up to 80kHz, simultaneously to find fainter targets deeper with higher precision in difficult conditions. This is possible due to its use of a high-performance micro-controller unit(MCU) with a 480MHz speed Cortex-M7 STM32H750 series, as well as a low latency and low noise 4 channel 768kHz sampling rate ADC5140 from Texas Instruments.

Higher processing speed V80: The V80 machine is able to generate and transmit frequencies of 5, 10, 15, 20, 40, and 60, thanks to its powerful MCU and analog-to-digital converter (ADC) unit. Additionally, this combination allows for the processing of multiple targets simultaneously and quickly reporting the most valuable results.

Auto noise canceling: The high-speed processing capability enables us to run high-accuracy automatic noise cancellation with just one click. It will select the quietest channel for the upcoming detection in just 10 seconds.


  • With the gyro sensor, you can:
  • Initiate automatic ground balance without a manual button press
  • Enable automatic power-saving mode after 5 seconds of no motion
  • Improve accuracy by measuring swing speed and angle with motion detection.

Built-in gyro sensor:
You can instruct the Quest V80 metal detector to automatically start ground balancing without manually pressing a button. All you then have to do is find a spot where there is no metal and then pump the search coil up and down.

The Gyro sensor recognizes this movement and then the automatic ground balance is performed. You can also set the V80 to automatically jump to energy-saving mode as soon as the search coil is not moved for 5 seconds. If you move the search coil from left to right again, it activates automatically.


  1. Super low power consumption: Unlike other matrix pixel displays, the reflective LCD consumes less than 10um power, saving power for more swings at the ground.
  2. Sun readable: The brighter the sunlight, the more detail you will be able to read. With a viewable angle of up to 60 degrees, you won’t miss any information.
  3. High responsive speed: A high response speed is critical to detecting activity. The real-time results will be displayed to you with no delay.
  4. Backlight equipped: The device is equipped with a backlight, which can be turned on in low light conditions.


The display of the V80 has backlighting in several levels, allowing you to read all information from the clear display at all times, even in bright sunlight. Unlike other matrix pixel displays, the reflective LCD consumes less than 10um of power, saving power so you can search longer.

User friendly with many settings:

Despite its many adjustment options, the V80 is a user-friendly and easy-to-use metal detector suitable for all users. It has 5 different search modes and all important functionalities such as pinpoint function, discrimination/notch function, object identification conductance from 1 to 99, volume control, ferrous bias, threshold, detection speed and even has a vibration function as a detection signal. Ideal for underwater searches and for those who search in noisy environments or with impaired hearing.


Portability and simplicity: The detector is highly portable and user-friendly, making it easy to retrieve and store in your backpack. The patented “SUPER 3D Telescopic” rod set is flat-foldable, providing maximum mobility and adjustability with minimal physical structure.

Personalized comfortability: Comfort is a top priority, as both the control box and armrest are fully adjustable for personalized comfort. Additionally, all parts are replaceable for future maintenance.

Precisely CNC machined parts: Precision is key, as the detector is engineered with industry-level aluminum and precisely CNC-machined parts. The shaft is broken down into 4 sections without compromising on lightweight design.

V80 Blizzard search coil:

The Quest V80 comes with the latest 28 x 26 cm Blizzard11 search coil. This double-D search coil is lightweight and robust, providing deeper penetration and higher resistance to mineralization.

GORILA coil structure. The cooper wires are winded on the robust nylon frames to provide better performance during the coil is bumped on hard objects such as rock and thick bushes.

TurboD double D coil. The coil is combined with two kidney shape coils to provide deeper penetration and higher mineralization resistance.



New V series Quest gold metal detectors provide the best weight ratio design in the industry. The original T-style handle and shaft offer you the best detecting experience. The V80 with Blizzard-9 coil will weigh 1140 grams and weigh 1266 grams with Blizzard-11 coil. & The V60 with Bllizard-9 coil weighs 1232 grams and V60 with Bllizard-11 coil weighs 1358 grams.

Compact Design: The V80 has a 4-piece handle that is very compact and can be retracted which greatly facilitates transport and storage. The armrest can be easily moved with two screws or removed from the handle. The handle to which the control unit is attached can be easily adjusted with the help of a snap lock. After extending and adjusting to your size, the V80 construction is perfectly balanced, ensuring a comfortable search experience.


Completely Waterproof V80: The modern design is completely waterproof to a depth of 5 meters underwater. So you can easily search with your V80 metal detector in all weather conditions and in any terrain, even underwater. If your detector gets dirty during the search or you have searched in salt water, you can rinse it completely under the tap.

Automatic Interference Suppression: With the V80, you can quickly and easily perform one-button interference suppression that searches for the frequency channel on which little or no interference is received in 10 seconds.


USB RECHARGEABLE: Say goodbye to costly and environmentally unfriendly commercial batteries. We were the first to introduce USB type-c rechargeable batteries into metal detectors. Easily charge your detector with a wall charger or by using a power bank or solar pad while outdoors.

Built-in lithium battery: The V80 has a built-in 5600mAh lithium battery, which has more power and can be easily charged with the included USB Type-C charging cable. The battery life is 10 to 15 hours.

WATERPROOF LOUDSPEAKER: For underwater detectorists, the detachable design enables users to replace the broken ones easily

.Different sound settings V80 Detector: If you want to identify buried objects by sounds, you can set this on the V80 according to your personal preferences. Namely, you can choose how many different tones you want to hear, choosing between 2, 3, 5 and 99 tones. You can also set the thresholds of these tones, such as a low tone for conductances from 1 to 25, a midtone from 26 to 70, and a high tone from 71 to 99. In addition, you can also adjust the volume and pitch for each sound.

Wireless: No more annoying cables, because the Quest V80 has a built-in radio module and comes with Quest Wirefree Pro wireless headphones. These headphones are adjustable, extremely comfortable and cover your entire ears so you can fully concentrate on the sounds.


Model Quest V80 HyperQ Detector
1140~1266g (2.4~2.8LB)
2.7″ B/W 400x240Pixel LCD
Telescopic rod*
Carbon Fiber Round
11×10″ Blizzard
Gyro sensor
Wireless headphones*
WireFree Pro Bluetooth
Receiver Dongle*
Headphones adaptor
Haptic Feedback Vibrator
Low latency vibrator
5 10 15 20 40 60 HYPERQ
Saltwater performane
5+ 20(personal setting) Park Field Beach Gold Cache(deep)
Iron Volume*
9 Levels
2 3 5 99
Noise canceling
10 second auto
Ground balance
Auto track + Manual pump+ Keyboard setting
Gold mode
Special Gold Theme
Recover Speed*
1 ~ 9