Desktop Detector

Original price was: ₨ 225,000.Current price is: ₨ 165,000.

High Sensitivity


Desktop Needle Detector

Desktop intelligent multifunction metal detector can detect FeΦ1.2mm the product more durable and greatly improves the mechanical anti-interference performance and sensitivity Platform type new needle detectors instrument assist equipment availble in Pakistan.


Luxurious Lntelligent Needle Detector can inspect the toy, finished products and ready-made clothing and food whether to have the metal ingredient the object, may also detect the tiny like needle’s object, is to the product security check in the essential instrument.

Intelligent all metals detector has magnetic induction detecting method, metal darner 1.2mm detecting ability, stepless detecting abjustment, buzzer / lamp alarm method, Big size detecting area, approximately 20W rated power, 220V / 50Hz power supply.

New Platform type Needle Detector It’s called the desktop needle detector. It’s updated product version, it outside box is made by aluminum alloy to make this machine more solid and durable, which greatly improve the anti-disturbance ability and sensitivity.


  1. Japanese technique
  2. Computer chip integrated circuit.
  3. 0-10 sensitivity stepless adjustment.
  4. Detection Adjustment computer control.
  5. Adopting the beautiful and light ABS shell.
  6. Aluminum alloy outside box better stability.
  7. Using magnetic induction technology for metal Discovery.
  8. When the needle or iron objects is detected, there are two alarm Visual & audible.
  9. Desktop detector can adapt to long-term use. The effective detection rate reaches 100% using as specified.
  10. ABS shell, make the product more durable, and greatly improves the mechanical anti-jamming performance and sensitivity, 

Technical Parameters:

  • Rated Power 20/30 W
  • Net Weight About 10Kg
  •  Body Material: ABS shell
  • Alarm sound and light alarm
  • Size L660mm × W365mm × H70mm
  • Power Source AC220V, 50Hz, Single phase
  • Detection adjustment Stepless adjustment
  • The detection sensitivity: ≥ 1.2 mm diameter iron ball


Suitable for clothing, food and drug testing Detection of broken needles, pins, small iron filings and other remnants left in the article during the production process, Small and thin pieces of clothing, plush, ties, towels, scarves, socks, zippers, drugs, food items such as broken needles, blades, metal fragments, ferromagnetic metal and other metal impurities