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Mine Detector


4th Generations Detector

Japanese Technology Dog Good GD-5D Underground Metail detector GD5D 4-Generations of Good underground Mine detector Provider Company in Pakistan.

GD 5D good Super Hound Deep search gold metal detector professional metal detector, using the most advanced digital integrated circuit technology, which greatly enhanced the anti interference ability and positioning of bathymetric performance, more effective identification of nonferrous metals. Conditions applicable to a variety of complex Mine metal detector.

The latest models
I imported the latest Japanese technology Metal Detector in the dog GD5D deliberately refinement in the design, the whole machine imported!
It is the depth of detection, positioning accuracy, resolution, strong, easy to operate, with a new era of technical demeanor.
Metal detectors are mainly used to detect and identify hidden in the underground metal objects, which in addition to military purposes.

 Applied to:

  1. Detection of underground Mine
  2. Underground detection of pipes, lines
  3. Check mail, line package of metal objects;
  4. Customs inspection and safety inspection;
  5. Exploration of iron, prospecting, archaeological;
  6. The detection of criminal police departments search;
  7. Detection of raw materials, fuel, food in the metal foreign body;
  8. found buried in the ground of Gold, silver and coper treasures and metal artifacts etc…

Main features:

  • Simple operation
  • Rechargabel Detector machine
  • Ecognition technology patentedl digital phase.
  • Highl resolution, effective identification of non-ferrous metals.
  • Signal responsive visual,l underground metal detector more quickly and easily.
  • All-digital signal processing,l automatic filtering out invalid signals and interference signals.
  • Light saving, simple operation,l can be connected to car charger, so travel is no longer restricted
  • Effective identification of non-ferrous metals signal responsive visual,l underground mining metal detector.

In the old metal detector, the most annoying problem is the impact of the ground. As the distance between the probe and the ground changes in the instrument’s signal also changes, if the probe swept through the uneven ground, the change is even greater, the operator as if everywhere hear the sound of the signal, do not know where the real buried metal . This phenomenon is called “mineralization reaction”.

Technical Parameters:

  • Power consumption: 1W
  • Emission Frequency: 7.3KHZ
  • Audio frequency: 560-580HZ
  • Signal frequency: 485HZ ± 5 HZ
  • Power supply: 12V1.3AH / 20HR
  • Operation: ground balance / identification
  • Maximum detection depth: 1~10 *Meters
  • Power supply mode: 12volt rechargeable battery
  • Alarm Mode: Sound with induction meter display


The reason for the “mineralization reaction” is that the mineralization of the soil makes the instrument send a signal, and the “mineralization reaction” is very strong in the complex soil structure, which causes the signal to be larger than the metal signal. It is difficult to determine the personnel to send a signal in the end is buried in the metal or “mineralization reaction.” The instrument is equipped with a balanced line, to rule out all the “mineralization reaction” effect, only when the probe encountered a metal signal, thus greatly improving the detection depth and accuracy.