Needle Detector

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Magnetic Scanner


Needle Detector TY-20MJ

Handheld Metal Detector High Sensitivity Needle Detector Needle Scanner Iron Detector, Devices is check food and other raw materials machine out of iron any.


Hand-held Needle Detector It’s called portable needle detector, which is small, and easy to carry by hand. It uses principle of magnetic field, can effectively detect out the exact location of the broken needle or Fe, which is especially suitable for the thin and small goods. After detection by the big standing needle detector, use this portable one to find the exact location of the broken needle or Fe to avoid the damage to the customers and improve the quality of the products.

TY 20MJ This type of equipment department handheld deft type needle detectors, alias portable needle detectors, hand-held needle detector, handheld metal detectors,etc. Is the principle of magnetic fields, can effectively detect the broken needle etc tiny iron items.


  • Can last long time to work, and won’t be warm
  • Has the switch function of vibration or sound to alarm.
  • Can exactly recognize the location of the broken needle.
  • Easy to operate, convenient to carry, and has high sensitivity.
  • Adopts imported digital chip, has stable capability and durable.
  • Can inspect the nails, steel bars in wood, wall, tables and so on.
  • Can inspect whether there is harmful iron dust inside when someone is injured.
  • Can detect the ferromagnetism impurities in medicine, food, industrial chemicals.
  • It will continuously sound when the voltage is lower than 6V, then need to replace the battery.
  • Can be used to detect the ferromagnetism impurities in clothing and fittings with hardware buttons.
  • Also can be used in frontier inspection, the government worker can rapidly search the hidden weapon of the criminals.


Model TY-20MJ Hand-held Needle Detector
Detection Method  Magnetic field induction, digital circuit
Detection Sensitivity  Fe>Φ0.8mm
Alarm Method Alarm by sound & light
Power Supply 9V  battery not included
Power  3W
Material Plastic Shell

How to use:

1 ,Set the nylon rope into operation wrist , thumb and then push the power switch to the ON position, the audible alarm will be issued twice , which means that the instrument is in normal working condition , can be put to use to detect .

2 , will be non-ferromagnetic material into the subject the presence of an object work surface , with the instrument to swing back and forth once per second frequency being uniformly on the surface as a uniform movement of the subject matter , such as found inside the ferromagnetic material that will produce audible alarm repeatedly . Then further narrow detection range. Finally able to find the exact location of the needle correctly ferromagnetic material existence can be achieved quickly ruled out the correct purpose .

3 , when useing, it should only about swinging back and forth , it detects the best, can not be remade from top to bottom , in order to avoid false alarms and even damage the instrument.



Food, Clothing, buttons, zipper, textile, shoes, hardware, chemical industry need to detect the place, metallic impurity homework auxiliary large needle detector detection non-conforming accurate ferromagnetic metal impurity needle. but also can be used to detect areas contain iron metal accessories such as cobalt nickel whether forbidden by environmental protection attestation of metal impurity. Enhance product quality.

  1. The instrument of medicine, food, can ferromagnetic material inspection on of chemical raw materials.
  2. The instrument of wood, wall, can the nails, internal stage desk reinforced, pipe existence examination.
  3. this instrument can also be used for border shut the whistle inspectors to be seized personnel’s hidden weapon, the rapid search guns.
  4. This instrument can also on human and livestock, etc, cuts, crushed industrial injury areas such as the inspection, check its internal whether ooze harmful iron residue.


Package includes:

  1. 1  pcs Needle Detector
  2. 1 pcs Hanging Rope
  3. 1 pcs Instruction
  4. 1 pcs Test card