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New Technology


Hand-held Metal Detector GC-101H

Easy New Technology GC-101H High Sensitivity Metal Locator For Security Inspection Handheld Security Bounty Instrument High Sensitivity Scanner Finder Instrument machine GC-101H Sound or Vibrate Quality metal detector available in Pakistan.

New Quality metal detector easy new technology for durability wear and tear Lightweight for ease of use Portable and compact Notifications Sound or Vibrate high quality metal detector gc101h for durability wear and tear Lightweight for ease of use portable and easy to carry size especially designed for public security system. The ultra-high sensitivity and unparalleled streamline design has distinguished GC-101H body scanning device from other security detection products.

The housing of GC-101H is casted from ABS plastic, which is different from traditional detecting devices. The special detection design, accompanied with advanced audio and vibration alert devices have worked together for higher detection sensitivity. Meanwhile, GC-101H body scanner is an energy-saving model and can work continuously for long time. It integrates CMOS circuit and electronic buzzer for the accurate detection of ferromagnetic and metal.

Main Features:

  1. Portable and compact
  2. Light weight ease of use
  3. Large detection area, high working efficiency
  4. Alert modes optional LED light alert or vibration alert
  5. Streamline design, aesthetic appearance, and extremely high sensitivity
  6. Streamlined appearance, small and exquisite, easy to carry and operate, convenient
  7. It has strong shock resistance, strong and durable, 1 m high free fall without damage


1. Alarm Indication

  • Flashing green LED: Power
  • Flashing red LED: Low Voltage Directive
  • Steady Yellow LED: Target has been detected

2. Alarm signal

  • Sound mode Buzzer & red LED
  • Vibration mode and the red LED

3. Battery

  • 28 hours (9 Volt alkaline batteries)
  • 30-40 hours of battery life (9 Volt lithium battery)
  • Battery not included alkaline or lithium batteries suport

There are times where security is needed and this hand head metal detector is great for boosting that security. It is easy to use and lighweight which are two key features with such an item. It can be set to beep upon detection of metal objects or vibrate, the vibration setting is useful for when you are wanting to keep things discrete.