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Super Scanner


 Super Scanner

Hand held inspection metal detector super scanner MD-3003b1 metal detector Security inspection detector of public securities.


The Super Scanner MD 3003B1 handheld metal detector is a blueprint for ultimate flexibility. Microprocessor technology gives this compact detection wand a sensitivity boost, triggering an alarm when small metals and weapons are identified. Durable construction, self-calibration and anti-interference controls allow security professionals to swiftly scan the body to neutralize theft and legitimate threats.


Airports, railway stations, docks, prisons, customs, border control and other security departments of security checks; medicine, food , commercial quality inspection system; factory, bank, school, market, office  and other security checks.


Performance and features :

With holster, easy to carry With sound, vibration switch, suitable for different working environment  With charging function, Alarm sound and light alarm, vibration alarm light, the flexibility to choose the operating modes.


Metal Detector Description : 

Product Name metal detector MD3003S1
Operating frequency 22K Hz
Power supply standard 9v alkaline battery laminate
Operation current <50mA
Operating temperature -10 ºC -50 ºC

Metal Detector Packing:

Size: 430mm*60mm*95mm
Packing size: 450mm*225mm*445mm