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Security Gate


6-Zone Walk Through Security Gate

TS-WD6S Security gate entertainment venue security gate economic security door metal detector door high quality at affordable prices.

The “Celtic” 6 zone is a cost-effective safety inspection door. The door is a door shape that can be passed through by the structure. The two columns on the door are equipped with an alarm high-brightness LED indicator lamp, and the aluminum alloy is used as a column light bar, and the position of the alarm is directly displayed, and the appearance is elegant. An electromagnetic field is established in the door. When the human body carries a metal object, an alarm device is generated, which can accurately detect hidden metal or metal-containing objects in a person or a handbag, such as various controlled tools, weapons, metal products, and electronics. Products and other articles containing metals are an effective tool for security inspection and anti-theft detection. They are mainly used in government agencies, public security organs, procuratorates, courts, prisons, detention centers, customs, airports, stations, stadiums. , exhibition venues, entertainment venues, large gatherings and other places and hardware, electronics, jewelry, military, coinage and other factories or enterprises.

Product description:

  1. Economical and practical, assembled structure, easy to install.
  2. Four corresponding infrared emitters and receivers to prevent the detection of dead angles.
  3. The working parameters have a password protection function to prevent unauthorized personnel from modifying the parameters.
  4. in line with EMC electromagnetic radiation standards: no damage to pacemaker wearers, pregnant women, film and magnetic recording materials.
  5. The six overlapping detection areas are combined with the high-intensity LED alarm indicator of the human body to accurately determine the position of the metal object.
  6. The use of microprocessor digital control technology, strong anti-interference ability, can automatically count the number of people passing through and the number of alarms.
  7. Each area has 100 levels of sensitivity adjustable, according to the requirements of any adjustment in 0-99, to exclude interference such as belt head, zipper and other objects.
  8. Can be used independently, or multiple models of the same type of detection door connected to the grid (with a minimum distance of 40CM), to meet the requirements of large personnel flow.


  • Main chassis: 77.5*47*27cm (1 pcs/carton)
  • Net weight: 60.5kg / set Gross weight: 50kg / set
  • Channel size: 200 (high) * 70 (width) * 56 (deep) cm
  • Dimensions: 223 (height) * 82 (width) * 63 (deep) cm
  • Packing size: door panel: 230*70*25cm (2 pcs/carton)