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Ground Locator


Long Range Locator EPX 9900

Long Range Gold Silver Copper Tin Jewelry and  all Metals Hunter Locator with Molecular Frequencies. 

This system was originally developed for professional archeologists and treasure hunters and has been used on many stations. With the development of faster and more complex processing units and a reduction in the cost of materials, we were able to begin offering this breakthrough technology to the general public at a much more affordable cost. Part of the success of this metal detector system is that it does not look like a standard ‘metal detector’. Instead, it has the appearance of a fine, well manufactured piece of scientific equipment that one might expect to find at an archeological site.

Introduction :

The EPX 9900 Long Range Metal detector  is our the newest model which is upgarded based on VR1000B-II Long Range King.It could adjust the sensitivity during the setting testing and it also  is an advanced Metal Detector System utilizing advanced FORWARD GAUSS technology that is both an audio and visual detector. This metal detector was first used in the field in 1984 and the FORWARD GAUSS technology that it uses has proven to be by far the most successful.

Function :

  1. Detecting Depth: 5-50m
  2.   Detecting Range: 100-1000m 
  3. After tracking target, you will have some idea of the identification and the exact pinpoint. 
  4. Most common frequencies are Gold, Silver, Copper, Placer Gold, Tin, Aluminum and Jewel.
  5. he face (front) of the transmitter has six LED’s (channel indicator lights) across the top; each is labeled for a particular element. 
  6. We add a function of indicator lights. These indicator lights show 20 different distances between the user with a receiver and the transmitter.

Specification :

Fine-tune SELECT Frequency Range
P.G 395-943 1. After select a detecting target, adjust the frequency to the minimum frequency value which is reflected by the geographical environment.

2. Because the different reaction of geology and mineralization, such as: gold, silver, copper, pyrite, iron, lead, zinc, and groundwater, pls. start to detect from the minimum frequency. If the mineralization interference intensity, pls. choose the corresponding intermediate average to detect. Choose the best suitable detection frequency.

TIN 433-1038
COPPER 472-1132
ALUMINUM 512-1227
GOLD 618-1480
JEWEL 725-1740
SILVER 831-1999


Components :

 (1) A black case with aluminum trim, a handle and two locks; (2) External Battery Port; (3) The Belt Receiver; (4) Receiving Rods; (5) Battery Charger; (6) Antenna; (7) Marker Flags; (8) Operators Manual.

Package :

  • Qty./CTN: 1unit
  • G.W./CTN: 7.5kg
  • Weight/Unit: 6kg
  • Size/CTN: 46*34*24
  • Size/Unit: 45*32*20cm