XB-350 2-in-1

Original price was: ₨ 385,000.Current price is: ₨ 285,000.

Pulse induction


XB 350 Pulse induction detector

Professional Gold metal detector with 2- Searcing coils Long range Plus induction VLF Frequency Treasure Detector Smart Sensor machine Rechargeable Under Ground Metal Detector with metal discrimination and a high sensibility to precious metals.

XB350 Plus is a professional metal detector with metal discrimination and a high sensibility to precious metals.This metal detector kit consist of two type different search coils and a search frame, which can help to locate objects in a depth of 5 meters upto. The XB-350 was also developed for the search after large, deeply embedded metal objects and is especially suitable for professional seekers who want to search in wide-ranging areas.

XB 350 Applies pulse induction technology of have decisive advantages in comparison to conventional VLF (very low frequency) detectors:

  1. High sensitivity to gold and precious metals
  2. Fast searching for ferrous and non ferrous materials
  3. Undisturbed searching in mineralized soils and salt water
  4. Pulse induction system with microprocessor controlled metal type display
  5. Convenient search and easy handling without the necessity of previous knowledge or preparatory training.
Relevant Technical Parameters:
  • Sound frequency 650hz
  • Signal frequency 65/150Hz
  • Small search coil size 11″ inch
  • Large search coil size 84×84 inch
  • Power supply out put DC 16.8 Volt
  • Battery charger input AC 100~240 Volt
  • Small coil Depth of detection 1~5 Fit mazimim
  • Large coil Depth of detection 1~15 Fit maximum


Metal discrimination:

For metal discrimination the XB-Plus is provided with a micro-processor, controlled conductibility recording. Thereby metals like iron, copper, aluminum, gold or silver are discriminated and separately displayed.

Electronic unit:

The electronic unit is installed in a high quality case. In the front you will find the main knob, the reset button as well as the frequency and volume regulation. The digital display shows the different Sensitivity values in screen.

Spacious search areas:

Big Size search coils large search frame (pulse induction technology) enables a comfortable and fast exploration of large areas. Example: the scanning of an area with the size of a soccer field will only take 3-4 hours, while the search with a conventional device with a panning coil would take several weeks.

Exploration without disturbance:

Most of the mineralized soils contain stones with metallic characteristics which therefore are displayed as metal objects by the majority of detectors. Thus, a selective search is difficult. These soils (the same goes for salt water) are no problem for XB-Plus with the Reset button automatic zero balance most of the disturbing mineralized objects which can lead to errors will be neutralized.


The Detectors are mainly used to detect and identify underground all Metals scan.

  • Finder Gold, Silver, copper, coins, relics, jewelry,  just about anywhere. 
  • Archeology, mineral exploration, find underground metal articles.
  • Security inspection, public security organs’ ransack.
  • Scan metal foreign matter in raw, fuel and foods.
  • Scan metal articles in mail or luggages.
  • Detect underground pipelines, cables.

    Package included:

    1. 1 x XB-350 Pulse induction detector
    2. 1 x Large Big Size search coil
    3. 1 x Small Size search coil
    4. 1 x Lithium-ion Battery
    5. 1 x Battery Charger
    6. 1 x Extension rod
    7. 1 x Coil frame
    8. 1 x Manual