5030 X-Ray


Baggage Scanner



High Quality X-ray Baggage 5030 Scanner New X-ray Inspection System, Best Selling 5030 Security Inspection X-ray Baggage Scanner Machine Available in Pakistan.

Best X-ray Scanner 5030 Safety Security Smart Xray Luggage Detector Screening Baggage Scanner Machine High quailty new Designed to thwart the cleverest attempts at hiding weapons, drugs, stolen goods and other contraband, New 5030 X Ray inspection systems are ideal for screening everything from small packages to oddly shaped items and palletized loads.

Product Highlights:

  • Auto archiving
  • Network ready
  • Easy to operate
  • One key turn off
  • Baggage counter
  • Secure access Key
  • Energy saving design
  • Multilingual operation
  • Latest software update
  • Uninterruptable power supply
  • Indication of the date and time
  • Drugs and explosives inspection
  • Threat alert and material classification
  • Automatic built in test and self diagnosis

    Application Area:

    The technology used in X-ray baggage inspection has advanced significantly in recent years, and modern machines are able to provide high-quality images that make it easier for operators to identify potential threats. X Ray technology has been in use for some years in the form of scanners designed to detect any suspicious packages. Model 5030 X-ray security screening equipment widely used in airports, railway stations, bus stations, government buildings, embassies, convention centers, exhibition centers, hotels, shopping malls, major events, post offices, schools, logistics, industrial inspection and other places.

    Work Principle:

    5030 x ray model Equipment complete the examination by means of that belt making the baggage into the X-ray inspection lanes. Luggage into the X-ray checkpoint to stop the package detection sensor,the detect signal was sent to the system control part to generate X-ray trigger signal,  After a bunch of Xray fan-shaped collimator beam passing through the items on the belt, X rays were absorbed by seized items, finally, Bombarding dual-energy semiconductor detectors installed in the channel. The X-ray into the signal through detector, these weak signals are amplified and sent to the signal processing box for further processing.

    Image Performance:

    • Enhancement of image is more clear
    • Display High resolution liquid crystal display
    • Brighter/darker Make image more bright /make image darker
    • Times size of image Make image back to 1 times size of image
    • Color management architectures Different color, different matter
    • Zoom in/zoom out Make the image bigger, make the image smaller
    • To eliminate organic Inorganic out ln view of the most important image
    • Replay Playback all images on the screen at current, be able to do the next steps
    • High penetration Make the image more through, to look every goods in one image
    • Inverse. white/black/colorized For comparing these images to find the suspected dangerous goods

    General Specifications:

    • Noise 56.3 dB
    • Penetration 14mm steel
    • X ray leakage <1.0 μGy/h
    • Conveyor Speed(m/s) 0.2
    • Conveyor height(mm) 663
    • Conveyor Max Load(kgs) 100
    • Power Consumption max. 1KW
    • Tunnel size(mm) 505(L)*305(W)
    • Film Safety Guarantee ASA/ISO1600
    • X ray dose per each inspection3.0 μGy
    • Wire Resolution dia 0.0787mm copper wire (AWG40)
    • Spatial resolution: Horizontal:dia1.0mm,Vertical: dia1.0mm
    • Penetration Resolution dia 0.202mm copper wire (AWG32) under three-step aluminum wedge 9.5mm, 15.9mm, 22.2mm

    X-ray Generator: 

    • Anode Voltage 100 kv
    • Generate angle 80 degree upward
    • Generate direct from bottom to top
    • Anode power 0.4-1.2mA (adjustable)
    • Cooling / Duty Cycle Oil Cooling /100%

    Image System:


    Image Recall All preceding images recallable, retrieval

    X-ray Sensor L-Shaped Photodiode Array (multi-energetic) , 12bit Deep

    Image Display High resolution of 1024 * 1280 pixel; Image Grey Level: 4096

    Explosives & Narcotics Detection Explosives & narcotics alarm and highlight according to atomic number signature

    High Density Region Alarm Impenetrable region alarm and highlight, for possible concealing of threats & contrabands

    Images process 24bit real time processing ,4colors analysis, Images displayed marked date and ID NO ,Count the number of bags

    Image Archive Up to 100,000 images stored automatically, enable transferring to USB disk, and converting to JPG, BMP and other general formats

    Image Enhancement 1-64times enlargement continuity, Color/BW, negative, high/low penetration, organic /inorganic Stripping, general enhancement, and pseudo color, etc.

    Network Applications Multiple remote applications available based on Ethernet LAN and windows platform, such as image centralized storage and identify, recheck workstation, and network TIP, etc (Optional)

    Miscellaneous Functions Time/date display, counters, user management, system-on/X-ray-on timers, power on self test, built-in diagnostic facilities, system log, system standby and stimulant training, ADS etc.

    Threat Image Projection Inserting fictional, but realistic images of threat items into baggage during screening operation, for maintenance of vigilance, as well as training and assessment of image identification capability

    Operating Environment:

    1. Operation Power 220VAC(±10%) 50±3Hz (Optional: 100VAC,110VAC,120VAC,200VAC)
    2. Storage Temperature/Humidity -40℃to 70℃ / 5%-95%(non-condensing)
    3. Operation temperature/Humidity 0℃-45℃ / 5%-95%(non-condensing)
    4. UPS 15mins, 30mins, 60mins etc, (optional)

    Computer and other:

    • CPU G1610 2.6G
    • Hard Disk Seagate 500G 3.5”
    • Main board H61 SYM76993VGG
    • Storage 2GB 1600MHz DDR3 Innodisk
    • Monitor High Resolution Color, LCD Accord,17inch,19inch,21inch or bigger size for optional.

    Physical Specifications:

    1. Unit weight (kgs) 284
    2. Packing size 180*88*138cm
    3. Unit size (mm) 1660(L)*746(W)*1165(H)
    4. After packed in wooden pallet Gross weight (kgs) 400


    International ISO19001 ; ISO14001 ; OHSMS18001 ; CE , USA , FDA Maximum X-ray leakage of less than 5 μSv/h(0.5mR/h) measured at 5cm from any external surface. (European standard – less than 1 μSv/h(0.1mR/h) measured at 10cm from any external surface). and National China Health Inspection Report. Computer Software Copyright Registration Certificate. Software Product Registration Certificate. Radiation Safety Certificate from Ministry of Public Security.

    Model characteristics and configuration:
    All parts imported , clear image, strong penetrating power, long service life, using the latest international standards.
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