Quest X10 Pro

Original price was: ₨ 115,000.Current price is: ₨ 90,000.

Fast Recovery


Quest X10 Pro Gold Metal Detector

Quest Country of Origin USA New X10 Metal Detector High recovery speed and Waterproof Go on an adventure and find the most beautiful finds with the Quest X10 Pro on land and even under water! X10 Quest High quality and performance for the whole family children, teenagers and adults and for every budget! The all new X10 is your best choice to start your hobby of metal detection with ease. Quest USA original X10 gold metal detectors availble in pakistan, Quest Authorized Distributor dealer in pakistan AMD-Pakistan.

High Performance X10 Pro best quality digital gold detectors don’t come particularly cheap. If you want a fully waterproof, submersible machine with a built-in USB rechargeable battery, 9×5 Blade TurboD Double D Waterproof Search coil Super Lightweight, Loud Speaker LED Backlit and Flashlight and several different search modes including coin, jewellery, all-metal and a user slot to save your setting Quest X10 PRO The Best Budget Metal Detector You Can Buy ?  

The Original Quest X10 was a great machine and very popular due to its combination of features and low price. But times change and the market moves ever onwards. So Quest has updated the original concept to bring us the X10 Pro Quest.

  • Flash light
  • Intuitive Menu
  • Fast Recovery
  • Feather weight
  • Fits both hands
  • 10 Feet Waterprof
  • Waterproof Console
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • On Screen all information
  • Smart structure Compact design

SCULPTURED MODERN DESIGN: The industrial leading design raised the bar again. The bold and elegant control box with new mudguard in the front offers meet the passion and demand of any serious metal detectorist.

FloatResin chemical technology is specially designed for metal detector coils filling to make it lightweight thus rugged to last long.

Turbo-D coils are combined with two kidney shape coils to provide deeper penetration and higher mineralization resistance.

Search Coil Advanced lightweight TurboD double D waterproof coil for best performance to handle high mineralized soil or beach hunting 9 x 5 “(24 x 14 cm) with coil protection

VIBRATE The X10 Pro can be set to vibrate using the volume buttons, which is useful for searching underwater

BALANCED DESIGN: X series metal detectors provide best weight ratio design in the industry. The original T style handle and shaft provide you the best detecting experience.


Type-C AUDIO JACK Easy to access USB type-C audio jack is just hide under the protection cap.

USB RECHARGEABLE Get rid of expensive and non-environment friendly commercial batteries. We are the first one to introduce USB rechargeable battery into metal detectors. You can give your detector a refreshing charge by wall charger or by Power bank, solar pad when outdoor

SMART STRUCTURE: The total unit weight is only 945g Light weight You can break it down and pack up for the new adventure easily.

FOR YOU OR YOUR FAMILY: The innovative and simple solution enables you or your Family & Friends to share the X10-Pro. Just simply take off the middle rod and it is the perfect size for adults.


  1. Gauge: Battery level, Audio level, Target ID, TID bars(10 segments), Depth, Sensitivity level. Detection modes Threshold, Tones, Customizable Target ID range
  2. Battery: 1000mAh Li-Po battery for 8~12Hrs Recharge method: USB-C port
  3. Audio output: Built-in buzzer or USB-C wire earphone jack
  4. Search modes: All Metal, Coin, Jewelry & Custom modes
  5. Shaft design: from104cm/41” to 55cm/22” handle to coil
  6. Unit Weight: 850g(w/o mid rod)~947gram
  7. Detection Platform: CVX Compact VLF
  8. Coil: Waterproof TurboD Blade 9×5”
  9. Protection: Waterproof to 3 meters
  10. Armrest: V shape with kickstand
  11. Display: 3” LCD 60x45mm
  12. Frequency: single 12kHz
  13. Pinpoint function: Yes
  14. Target ID range: 1~99
  15. Ground balance: Yes
  16. Flashlight: Yes