Pipe Detector

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Pipeline Scanner


Wireless Pipe Scanner

Sndway Pipe Scanner Thickness Gauge Pipeline Blockage Blocking Clogging Finder Plumbers Width Measure Wireless Instrument Length of wireless signal lines 20-Meters detecting scanner.

The Sndway Model SW-720 is a pipe locator (the equipment) for: locating the blockage of pipe (including PVC, steel and concrete pipe) or locating the path of hidden pipeline in the wall / floor /ceiling.With careful use, the equipment will provide years of reliable service.

Sndway Wei intelligent pipeline plugging instrument, using the principle of microwave emission without any interference from the outside world, can be used in PVC line pipe and any metal wire tube. The wall with long test distance and 50cm thick wall can accurately locate the plugging point, and the location accuracy is within 5on, and the speed of search is fast. The operation is simple, the performance is stable, and the power consumption is low. Long service life.
NEW PVC, Metallic, Metail Pipelines Blocking Clogging Scanner Wall Pipe Blockage Detector Wall Scanner Diagnostic Tool Metal Plumbers Instrument now in Pakistan.


Model SW-720 SW-730 SW-740
Measuring Range 20m 30m 40m
Launcher Available
Receiver Available
Sensing Range ≥50m
launcher Power Supply 3.7V 1800mAh lithium battery
Receiver Power Supply 3.7V 1800mAh lithium battery BL-5C
Full Power Measuring Time 10h
Weight Launcher approx 1.1kg, Receiver approx 0.23kg
Size Launcher 386x303x42mm, Receiver 385x75x43mm

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Sndway SW-720 series pipe plugging and measuring instrument adopts the principle of radio transmission and reception. It can be detected in iron pipe and PVC pipe, quickly detect the pipe plugging point, avoid large-area demolition, Solve the problem of pipeline blockage faced by construction engineers and home users.

Widely Application:

Sndway Wireless rechargeable pipe Plugging Detecting Device Wall Detector For Electrician Pipeline Detector Wire Pipe Iron Pipe PVC Pipe Plugging Device AS-P.

Package Included:

  1. Transmitter
  2. Receiver
  3. Battery
  4. Probe Set
  5. Charging Cable
  6. User Manual