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Gold Scanner


MD-6080 Gold Metal Detector

The Best quilaty Lowest Price offer of Metal Detector in Pakistan MD6080 Gold Detector Hunter Detector Detector Treasure Hunting Metal Underground Original Archaeological Treasure MD-6080 Detector available in AMD Pakistan.

MD-6080 Seller’s introduction: With the guarantee of material life, people have higher and higher requirements for life, and they always want to find a happy and healthy outdoor activity. best metal detector ,With the permission of the weather, they can organize outdoor treasure hunting activities on weekends. gold detector is very popular among friends at home and abroad. Some metal rings, gold, coins and so on. Compared with the fun of exploration, getting rich is not the only pursuit. They can experience the outdoor treasure exploration through the gold detector next door, on the lawn and on the beach.

MD 6080 Best metal detector wholesale has strong metal recognition ability and high stability, light weight, strong anti-interference ability, MD6080 Underground Metal Detector Handheld Metal Detector Portable Detachable Easy Install Metal Detector High Sensitivity Underground Metal Detector with Led signal antegate light 10 Inch Search Coil for Adults.

Product Description:

  1. Search coil size 25CM
  2. Battery: 2*9V DC operate                      
  3. Operating voltage: 7.2-9.6V
  4. Operating frequency: 5.0kHZ
  5. Sensitivity: 25 cents 130 mm
  6. High brightness led integaters
  7. Expansion length: 10.3-13.2cm
  8. Detecting: gold, silver, copper iron & etc
  9. All Metal and discrimination mode variable
  10. Indicator mode: indicator Led light and sound
  11. Working current Standby:10mA/ Maximum 70mA
  12. When the low battery indicator Led is on: replace the battery
  13. Provided for headphone connection: Headphone can be used.
 Adjusting Control-03
  1. Volume Control: For adjusting the output volume to the loud speaker Detector.
  2. Sens/Power Control: Power on & off detector / adjusting Sensitivity levals.
  3. Disc/All Metail Control: Target discrimination search / All Metal search.
Application field:

Archaeology, explorers, wild mountains, ancient cities, old houses, deep sea areas, can detect buried Gold, Silver, Copper, Coin, Jewelry, iron, relics and custom etc…

Package List:
  • 1 * MD-6080 Metal detector
  • 1 * Search Coil 10 inch
  • 1 * Search Coil Knob
  • 1 * Connecting Rod
  • 1 * Armrest
  • 1 * Manual

Note, battery not included.