Security Gate


KER-200A Multi Zone Security Gate

The Ker 200A  is a multi channel metal detector with six overlapping detection zones. the zones create a sequential sine-wave magnetic field within the detection. 

Alarm display LED display on both sides, can accurately determine the position of the metal Built-in power supply: no fear of power outage, or temporary outdoor plug-in, Multi zone Divided into 6 overlapped reticulate detecting areas according to the fundamental structure of people’s body and adopting advanced digital pulse technology and interactive emitting and receiving equipment to accurately locate the metal-wrapping place.

Detection area:
  • According to the basic structure of the human body, the detection gate is divided into six overlapping detection areas, and the network is adopted.
  • Shape detection method and single frequency excitation technology, eliminating weak areas and blind areas in the detection area, sensitive, Higher degrees and more stable performance.
Alarm method:
  • Sound and light alarm, can accurately determine the position of metal objects through the super bright LED light on the panel area;
  • The column left and right super bright LED warning lights can accurately display the prohibited items hidden in the human body.
Regional sensitivity:
  • The highest sensitivity can detect the metal content of the paper clip size, sensitive to 0-99Adjust the degree between the degrees, adjust the position adjuster to the appropriate sensitivity according to the detection requirements.
  • At the same time, the overall sensitivity can be adjusted separately. Pre-set metal object weight, volume, large False alarms such as small parts, parts, keys, jewelry, belt buckles, etc….
Product Process:
  • The outer body is made of high-strength synthetic material and painted PVC. The shape is luxurious and beautiful. The bottom is solid.
  • Fixed, waterproof and moisture resistant.
Intelligent statistics:
  • Intelligent passenger flow and alarm counting function,
  • which can automatically count the number of personnel passing and the number of alarms.
Strong anti-interference ability :
  • The use of digital, analog and left and right balance technology to prevent false alarms and false negatives, greatly improving the anti-interference ability.
safety protection:
  • Double password protection, only authorized personnel can operate, can modify the password as needed, and provide password loss recovery settings, security higher.
  • The parameter setting is automatically stored, and it is not necessary to use uninterruptible power supply protection, which is safer and more convenient.
Electromagnetic radiation:
  • Comply with EMC electromagnetic radiation standards, using weak magnetic field technology, it is harmless to heart pacemaker wearers, pregnant women, floppy disks, film, video tapes, etc.
Installation and commissioning:
  • The metal detector door adopts an integrated design and can be installed or disassembled in only 20 minutes. It is equipped with installation and commissioning instructions.
Field of use:
  • Airports, various venues, large events, stations, terminals, entertainment venues, prisons, courts, important government departments, factories, examination rooms, shopping malls, communities The channel safety inspection and inspection of prohibited items.
Technical Parameters:
  • Machine weight: about 70kg
  • Working environment: -20 ° C – +45 ° C
  • Power: AC90V-250V 50HZ-60HZ, Power: <35W
  • Appearance color: black, iron gray or other custom colors
  • Dimensions: 2220mm (height) ́800mm (width) ́560mm (deep)
  • Channel size: 2000mm (height) ́700mm (width) ́560mm (deep)
  • Compliance with the standard: GB15210-2003 “General Technical Specification for Passive Metal Detection Doors” National Standard