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GS6000 Underground Metal Detector

GS-6000 Long Range Gold Metal Detector Underground Coin Silver Scanner Treasure Hunting Prospecting With Ground Balance & Disc Mode USA Technologie introduced Professional detector machine in Pakistan.

GS6000 detector is a kind of Upgraded Underground Metal Detector with the large detection depth and other features, mains used on the field of detecting the Metal objects gold and silver treasures buried underground.

GS 6000 Used on the underground search Gold, silver copper, archaeology, military mine sweeper, mining department and archaeological research; The police criminal investigation, the customs checking, the airport security checking and so on.


  • High Sensitivity
  • Strong Resolution
  • Precise Positioning
  • Saving Energy and Durability
  • Audible and Pointer Indicator
  • Max. Long range Detection Depth
  • Comes with Headphone for Monitoring


  1. Power: 3W only
  2. Usage: Gold Detection
  3. Master Frequency: 465KHZ
  4. Material: Metalworking +ABS
  5. Detection Display: Signal Display
  6. Working Temperature: -10 to 45℃
  7. Display: Audible and Pointer Indicator
  8.  Operation Mode: Ground Balance & Discrimination Mode
  9. Ground balance mode: To eliminate the effect of ground mineralization
  10. Discrimination mode: To distinguish ferrous metal from nonferrous metal and also can neglect the small metal object so as to choose the large one in the same kind of metals
Introduction of Control Panel:
  • Button
  • Tuner Knob
  • Sensitivity Knob
  • Discrimination Knob
  • Power Switch On/Off
  • Power Switch On/Off
  • Ground Balance Knob
  • Operation Switch On/Off
  • Headphone/Charging Jack
Package Included:
  1. 1 x Set of Underground Metal Detector
  2. 1 x Monitoring Headphone
  3. 1 x DC 12V Charger
  4. 1 x User Manual