GR 200

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Hawk Eye


Hawk Eye GR-200

GR 200 New Search Tool Locator Long Range Underground Detector GR-200 Search Gold Silver Gem and Diamond treasure Finder Tracker Machine Underground Treas Metal Detector Best Laser Pointing Techlogy Underground Treasure Hunter GR200 Hawk eye Available AMD in Pakistan.


The hawk eye wireless GR-200 collects data from hundred thousands of pulse reflections each second to help researchers identify objects below ground. It works in a multi frequency band from 100 to 2000MHz, thus replacing 2 antennas with different frequencies used by other and older GR systems long Range gold, copper, diamond and treasure Finder Automatically Search for Target Signals, When you be above the target Center, the device will wrap in a circular motion that mean you are above the target.

Latest version 2 Antennas, the ability to Send and receive signals is stronger, and the target is more accurate. GR 200 Specification and Techniques for hawk eye Long Range Detector The main unit of the device (the main processing unit and settings). LED screen through which you can specify the target type To detect.

You can choose search system from the list before starting:

  1. Gold, gold nuggets, natural gold and gold mines underground search system.
  2. Silver underground search system silvers.
  3. Diamonds underground search system.
  4. Copper underground search system.

Features :

  1. Depth: 1-25 Mtr Maximum
  2. Distance: 5-100 Mtr Maximum
  3. Frequency band: 100 to 2000MHz
  4. Operating voltage device: 9.6V-12V
  5. Hardcase: Good ABS sponge coated 
  6. Nominal current: 1A Laser: 5mW, 5V
  7. Microprocessor: American, 24 MHz
  8. Screen back light: Red, Yellow, Green LED
  9. Laser scanner antennas: Telescopic,1 piece
  10. Screen: Graphical LED digital screen display (0.5×6.5)
  11. Battery:built-in rechargeable battery (NiCr) 1000mAh 2pieces
  12. Control buttons: mnul mode and automatic search scanning
  13. Handle: Connection with special hub, removable, rotatable with sensitive bearing, special rubber coated.


Specifications :

  • Entrance for the Charger.
  • Screen includes the device
  • Entrance sending antennas.
  • Entrance receiving antennas.
  • 12 volt rechargeable built in battery.
  • New Version main unit of the device
  • The main processing unit and settings.
  • The power switch ON/OFF for the controller.
  • Entrance receiving antennas for the controller.
  • 2 antennas for reception and transmission the signal.
  • Super Antenna to cover vast areas with speed searching.
  • Bag anti shocks to carry and save the device and its accessories.
  • 12 volt Household charger for the main unit and for the controller.
  • The corresponding four metal element models of controller, receiving and transmitting
    signals from the main unit GR-200.
Package Included:
  1. 1 x GR-200 Detector Main Unit
  2. 1 x GR-200 Controller Device
  3. 1 x Laser Probe
  4. 1 x Single-Frequency Antenna
  5. 1 x Dual-Frequency Antenna Retractable
  6. 1 x Antenna for Controller
  7. 1 x Earphones
  8. 1 x Charger
  9. 1 x User Manual
  10. 1 x Plastic Carry Case