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Gold bug 2


Fisher Gold Bug-2 

Fisher Gold Bug 2 Gold Nugget Electronic Prospecting Gold Metal Detector Gold bug2 The Most Sensitive Gold Hunting Detector Ever Made Extreme Sensitivity to Small Gold Nuggets With 02-Coils Availble in Pakistan.

Fisher offers tools for different terrains and purposes, and of course those wanting to pursue aurum search can find something for themselves like Fisher Gold Bug 2 detector! Fisher Gold Bug 2 was created specifically with prospector’s needs in mind. Gold Bug 2 metal detector is a powerful and reliable machine stuffed with necessary functions to make slugs search successful.

The Gold Bug 2 offers extraordinary sensitivity; at 71 kHz it features very high operating frequency. The Gold Bug 2 also features iron discrimination, is dust and moisture resistant, has audio-boost and can operate in any type of soil with the choice of three mineralization modes. In the Iron Disc Mode the detector can identify hot rocks and small iron trash items like nails.


  • Audio signal boost
  • The coil is waterproof
  • operation mode is All Metal
  • operation frequency – 71 kHz
  • Pinpoint mode is not included
  • No vibration as signal option
  • Adjustable length of the shaft
  • Adjustable level of sensitivity
  • Audio Tone Battery Test Mode
  • Deep Target Audio Boost Mode
  • Lightweight and Hip-mountable
  • Protected from moisture and dust
  • Ground balance is manually adjusted
  • Multiple options for audio identification
  • The thing is powered by two 9-V batteries
  • Eeight is 2.9 lbs comparatively lightweight
  • Search coils type and shape – DD elliptical
  • High, Normal and Low Mineralization Modes
  • ¼ inch plug for stereo or mono headphones
  • High Precision Dual-Control Ground Balance
  • Iron Disc Mode for Iron & Hot Rock Rejection
  • Adjustable Threshold, Volume and Sensitivity
  • IRON DISC mode trash, iron, and hot rocks rejection
  • Can be mounted on hip or chest for more convenience


THRESHOLD: Small shaft on rear of control housing, controls threshold tone.

MODE: Three‑position toggle switch:
1. IRON DISC Mode for iron discrimination.
2. NORMAL Mode for normal All Metal operation.
3. AUDIO BOOST Mode for hearing faint, deep targets.

BATTERY TEST/SENSITIVITY: Dual-purpose potentiometer with switch for Audio‑Tone
battery test, controls sensiti­vity to targets, electrical interference and ground minerals.

GROUND REJECT: Dual-knob control used to electronically tune the electronics to ignore
ground minerals. A small, single‑turn coarse adjust knob is stacked on a large, 16‑turn
fine tuning control.

VOLUME: Turns the power on and controls signal response volume.

HEADPHONES: Jack for most mono and stereo headphones with 1/4-inch plug.


Package Included :

  1. 1x Uper rod and handle
  2. 2x Coils 11″ & 6.5″
  3. 1x Control unit
  4. 1x lower rod
  5. 1x manual