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Gold Detector


Filter Device Sensor

AKS Gold Real Anti iron Device Filter 350MHz ~ 2.4GHz for Gold Metal Detector Parts This filter reduces Disturbances that come from iron in the soil.


The filter reduces “disturbances” that come from iron in the soil. In the field of metal detectors, we are familiar with the problem that is known to all, that the metal interferes and sometimes even disrupts the ability of your metal detector.

F ilter detector is pleased to announce that it has found a very sophisticated solution to this problem. Anyone who suffers from these disorders because he is searching in a “dirty” soil areas can now purchase the most advanced anti-iron filter at the best price. The filter can also function in area 100 up to meters distance.

When working with this filter, follow the exact usage instructions as follows:
  1. When using this filter, the search distance should be up to 100 meters from the search appliance.
  2. When you know how the device works and according to some principles and limits, you will get accurate results and an easy and convenient search
  3. if you are moving farther than this distance, you must return and change the filter position on the ground so that the search is within a reasonable distance.
  4. Filter has great, accurate and verified detection 3 times a second. This algorithm results in excellent identification results and possibly the best identification results in the world for these substances. The filter is in direct contact with the main device.
  5. It is recommended to place the filter on the ground so that the filter stands in a standing position on the ground and the antenna is pointing upwards and / or towards the side, but in this case it is important to be directed to the side of the search.


  • Anti iron / rocks / nuggets filter
  • Can be used with rocker detectors When
  • Filter the clutter signal that interferes with the detection frequency to increase its
  • Suitable for gold metal detectors including AKS, GR100, MINI GR100, EPX5000, EPX10000, VR6000 – VR12000 Etc…
  • accuracy -Very high filtering capacity up to 100% accurate and silent filtering -350MHz to 2.4GHz band signal filtering


  1. 1 x filter
  2. 1 x charger
  3. 1 x antenna